Tunes Along My Way: Book (Fiddle and Cello only)


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Tunes Along My Way: Book (Fiddle or Cello only)

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This is a collection of tunes that I have written at different points since I began playing Irish music over 3 decades ago. The collection includes typical types of tunes, including reels, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes. There are a few tunes that don't fall exactly into those categories, including an old time tune, a "quasi" cajun tune, a slow tune that is "quasi" Scottish, and one air that was originally written for solo cello, and is more of a concert piece for cello and fiddle, in a folk style.

There are short descriptions of the tunes that tell a bit about my life, where I lived and traveled, and what I was doing. Most of the tunes were written at a specific place, some on trips, and some at home. Memories of the places and the people there are woven into the sound. I sincerely hope you enjoy this music!

Tune List:
1- A Major Jig
2- a Minor Jig
3 - After the Skye Boat
4 - Ashebrook
5 - Blow your Pipes Clean
6 - Buckeye Waltz
7 - Cajun Occasion
8 - Pictures
9 - East of Easter
10 - Forest Grove Hornpipe
11 - Hula Halo
12 - Jan’s Song
13 - Milk in the Batter
14 - Rosemary’s Jig
15 - Shreveport Shutdown
16 - *Susquehanna River Waltz
17 - Steps
18 - Tourin’ the Burren
19 - Walking Through Kentucky Aire
20 - Three to Six


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Cello Book Only, Fiddle Book Only