Sharing music connects people

Music Education is Important

Music can transcend our differences, calm our fears, aid physical and emotional healing, and bring joy to our hearts and the hearts of others. Collaborating musically creates an environment of familiarity; opens doors of opportunity to communicate on a more personal level. Sharing music in a traditional way is inclusive and accepting of everyone as both student and mentor!

There’s a New Camp on the Rock!

Tanawha Family Music Camp, Inc.!

Tanawha Family Music Camp is a newly formed non-profit organization inspired by the Walker Family camp model of multigenerational learning and a ‘whole family’ camp experience. With keen understanding and appreciation of the musical inheritance our predecessors have bequeathed to current generations, the Walkers recognize that this tradition of sharing music through family and community connection is one that must continue to be passed forward. The founders and supporters of Tanawha Family Music Camp are humbled and grateful for the guiding vision of the Walker Family and for their nurturing support as TFMC spreads new roots that will promote and sustain traditional music education for generations to come!

Night Jam at Tanawha Camp
Chandler band practice lobby 2018

The Blowing Rock Conference Center was home for the Walker Family’s music camp for twenty-one consecutive years. In 2024, Tanawha Family Music Camp begins a new tradition at BRCC built on the foundation of acceptance and inclusion that embraced students, families, and teachers who attended Walker Family camps and events over the past two decades.

Tanawha Family Music Camp’s primary event is a summer music camp held annually during the FIRST WEEK of JULY at the Blowing Rock Conference Center. Here TFMC will build a new tradition of sharing and learning on the solid foundation created by the Walkers over 21 years.

Rock Wall Climbing at The Blowing Rock Convention Center
Silent Nature Walk at The Blowing Rock Convention Center

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Acacia Arts Music Academy

Based in Neptune Beach, Florida, Acadia Arts Academy offers private and group lessons in violin, fiddle, viola, cello, piano, guitar, ukulele, and harp. We also love to present weekend workshops such as Florida Fiddle Fest throughout the year!

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Sparrow Music Camp

Sparrow Music Camp is dedicated to teaching and preserving traditional music.

Open to all ages and skill levels, Sparrow is a wonderful place to learn traditional music and dance. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests from all around the region.

Come find out why so many people have fallen in love with Sparrow Music Camp!