June 28 - July 4, 2020

The Walker Family Band 2020 Safe and Sound Summer Fiddle Camp

June 28 - July 4, 2020

The Walker Family Band 2020 Safe and Sound Summer Fiddle Camp

Thanks for a Great Safe and Sound 2020 Summer Fiddle Camp


THANKS TO EVERYONE who contributed to the success of our “Safe and Sound Camp!”

So many people were instrumental in making the 2020 camp a week we will not forget! We were so gratified by the wonderful group of intrepid people who decided to brave a pandemic and join us on campus. Flexible, cooperative, creative, talented would begin to describe the group that was on campus.

Many rounds of thanks go to Ted Wilson and the staff at the Blowing Rock Conference Center. The facility had been closed from March 10th until June 1st . Visitors were few until we arrived, and we immediately saw that LOTS of work had been done over those months. Ted and his staff were well prepared with a planned reopening that held the health and safety of staff and guests as a priority. We greatly appreciate their intentional implementation of safety measures while maintaining the relaxing atmosphere and exceptional guest and dining services that define BRCC as OUR mountain home!

The workshop we advertised in January was full of new plans, new personalities, new classes, and Teresja and I felt it was going to be a banner year! We could not have predicted finding ourselves forced to abandon our plan and restructure EVERYTHING! However, we were determined to carry on our tradition if we felt we could carry on safely. We feel we succeeded in hosting a safe and joyful summer camp where we could share our common love of music and friendships, both in person and through virtual gathering.

The planning for the “Safe and Sound” camp was carried out by many people who were not present in Blowing Rock for the week. We are indebted to the faculty and staff who discussed and planned for months, and then worked so hard behind the scene with such positive energy as we were forced to make difficult decisions in the face of constantly changing circumstances!

I have to say the sounds of the musicians playing together live for the first time in so long changed my body chemistry! We had great classes all week. With only Landon, Meghan, and Scott on campus as teachers, the students and parents took initiative and made things work! Once Ruth Pershing and Jared and Asher Fitzpatrick arrived later in the week, they had our performances taking shape SO FAST!!! After that it was non-stop for them as they began transforming the virtual aspects of the camp with our Live Streams. Thank you for being so Amazing, YOU THREE!

Our virtual presence was felt far and wide! Aisha Ivey, Christen Blanton, Linda Minke and Jennie Walker held zoom sessions all week, and many musicians join from various locations. Thanks to all of the off-site faculty for planning and teaching such enriching classes. Teaching online can be a real challenge, but all of you connected very personally with each participant on your classes by your energy and positivity! Thank you!!!

Likewise, we are honored to have received so many truly phenomenal videos from talented musicians across the country who contributed recordings for the Unity Program and other live streamed concerts. Thanks to all of you! Your hearts are so big to share your rich talent in support of our camp, students, and families. We feel the love coming at us from all of you and I hope you could feel the love and appreciation coming back to you!

Teresja and I feel DEEP APPRECIATION AND SINCERE GRATITUDE to everyone who made contributions to make this year’s camp possible! Your generosity and support are overwhelming, and we feel so honored to share our lives and our camp with each of you!

If you were not with us this summer, we missed you! Here’s hoping for more normal times to return, and we will look to see all of you next year!

In the spirit of Peace, Joy, and Music
…and with Love to all,
Scott and Teresja


an introduction

The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camp

June 28 – July 4, 2020

Blowing Rock Conference Center, Blowing Rock, NC + Virtual Events

Please enjoy our Live Stream Performances below!

These are a combination of pre-recorded music and live performances that were presented in Upper Shuford Hall at the Blowing Rock Conference Center. I sent requests to former faculty members and students, asking for a YouTube videos of themselves. The response was wonderful, and the combination of those videos and the offerings of live music at the concert made an unintentional documentary of the “goings on” at our camp over the years. I was gratified to be able to MC and talk about the performers and their music. Below each video you will find programs notes with the performance start times indicated.

Scott Walker


Live streams direct from Upper Shuford

Gala Festival Concert

3:00 P.M. July 2nd, 2020



“Tomorrow” from Annie – The Q T Pies, with Jenna Claire Martin and Molly Faust (at minute 1:20)
“Russian Tune” – Bennie Netzer and Bennie Netzer (3:48)
“Streak o’ Lean Streak o’ Fat” – Abigail and Andre Gruber (9:48)
“Johnny Henry’s Reel Medley” – Cormac Begley, Jessica Ziegler, Fiachna Ó Mongáin, Tim McHugh & John Hoban, from Ireland | Slínam Beaglaoich  (14.38)
Quarter Chicken Dark – ala Goat Rodeo – Victor Huls, cello, and Friends; David West, Brad Kuykendal, Brad Livesay (19:58)
“Pig Ankle Rag” – Sabrina Patel (28.45)
“Maggie Mead” – Aisha Ivey’ trio, the “Terra Trio” Aisha Ivey, Steve Hodges and Alex Shore (32:08)


“Red Wing” – The Bens, with Ben Wooster, Ben Haile, Ben Granger (37:50)
“Knights’ Vow” – The String Beans, with Nathan Jordan, Duncan Ritchie, Ryenne Ritchie (original) (43:39)
“Sean Ryan’s” – Don’t Share Your Metal Straws, with Joshua Gibbs, Savannah Gibbs, Ben Granger, Keiran Brehany-Wellman (48.30)
“Johnny Don’t get Drunk” / “Needlecase” / “Nancy Don’t get Drunk” / “Dillon’s High D” – The Walker Brothers, Scott & Landon Old-time tunes (57:42)
“The Spotted Pony”, “Angeline the Baker”, “Over the Waterfall”, “Liberty”, “The Ashokan Farewell” – The Safe and Sound Fiddlers (1:39:21)

Gala Festival Concert

7:00 P.M. July 2nd, 2020



“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg – Alexx Bass (0:55)
“Dancing Bear” – The Q T Pies, with Jenna Claire Martin, Molly Faust, and Betsy Potter (7:28)
“Wind on the Water,” as performed by Nancy Curtin – Jennie Brunner and Scott Walker (10:23)
“One Rose” by Julee Glaub – Ruth Pershing, Jared & Asher KIrkpatrick (15:18)
“Fire on the Mountain” – Matt Brown (19:57)
“David Parry Jig / Laughin’ in Baffin Reel” – The Friends of Fiddler’s Green, with Laurence Stevenson (26:15)
“The Missing Piece”as performed by Cherish the Ladies – Meghan Parrish and Scott Walker (32:01)
“Golden Slippers” / “Salut d’amorel by Edward Elgar” / “By the Waters of the James” – Jesse Wells and Cory Wells (38.35)
“Full of Little Bites” / “Lad o’ Byrnne’s Hornpipe” / “Si Beag Si Mor” – Andrew Finn Magill (50:00)
“The Teasing Song” by Bela Bartok – Linda Minke and Victor Huls (1:01:10)
“Andante” and “Searching for Lambs” – Linda Minke, harp (Only upside down during the introduction) (1:04:57)
“The Lover’s Waltz” by Jay Ungar – Anna Bernston and Victor Huls (1:08:55)


“Devil’s Dream” – Mario and Enzo Iraheta (1:37:00)
“Concerto for two Violins in D minor, 2nd Movement Largo” by J.S. Bach – Joshua Gibbs, 1st violin, Savannah Gibbs, 2nd violin, Scott Walker, cello (1:40:20)
“Concerto for two Violins in D minor, 1st Movement Vivace” by J.S. Bach – Safe and Sound Campers (1:31:31)


Unity Program & Jam

7:30 P.M. July 3rd, 2020


This concert is dedicated to the people in this country who are oppressed or suffer from cruelty from others for no reason, and to the heroes on the front lines fighting the coronavirus for the well being of us all.
Peace, Joy, and Music!


A special version of “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel, with new lyrics for our time by The Phoenix Chamber Choir of Vancouver BC – The Walker Fiddle Camp Moms (Min. Sec. 3:40)
“Got You on My Mind” an old Louisiana tune – Seth Walker & Dylis Croman (8:50)
“King of the Fairies” / “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho” – Bill Kronenberg, fiddle, Chris Becknell, Guitar, Jesse McQuarters, Bass, Renata Bratt, cello, and our very own Scott Walker, fiddle (15.31)
“Sunny Side of the Street” – Robbie Wells, vocals & fiddle (23:40)
“Empty Nest” from the Walker Family Band camp concert, 2010 (29.40)


“Tom Kruskal’s” by Emily Troll – Jared and Asher Kirkpatrick, piano and bass (36:40)
“Hula Halo” / “Hunter’s House” and “The Pilfered Fig” / “The Gooseberry Bush” – The Walker Brothers, Scott & Landon (42:38)
Social dist-dancing! A called contra dance duet (for you to dance with someone in your “pod” or by yourself!) and a taste of some flatfooting – Ruth Pershing with demo by Jared & Asher Kirkpatrick, music by Scott & Landon (55:30)
Teresja Poole’s Thank You (1:03:22)
A tune jam for all! (1:04:55)

Peace must come first. Peace means safe, warm, loved, then
Joy will be the natural and loving reaction, and not long after that,
Music will follow!


for the love of music

Scott Walker

Greensboro, NC

Fiddle, Cello, Guitar

Scott's bio

Scott and his fiddle tune books have inspired and uncountable number of students all over the country. Originally a cellist and orchestra teacher, Scott began studying Irish music in the 90’s. He was Introduced to the Irish fiddle by Greensboro’s Fiddlin’ Fred Lail, studied with several great Irish fiddlers, including James Kelly, Seamus Connally, and Rose Connally. Over the years he has enjoyed playing with several Irish groups in the Greensboro/Chapel Hill North Carolina area, including “The New Potatoes”, “The So-Be-It-Union”, and “The Big Celtic Fun”. With these groups has played for many contra dances, weddings, parties and festivals. For 20 years he has directed a student fiddle group in Greensboro called “The Walker Street Fiddlers”. A regular on the Suzuki Institute circuit as a cello teacher, now he also offers classes in Irish Fiddle, as well as Irish Cello, basically his own invention. Since 2003, with his brother Landon and his daughter Jennie, The Walker Family Band performs and offers the delightful fiddle camp held in Blowing Rock, NC every summer.

Landon Walker

Greensboro, NC

Bass, Penny Whistle, Accordion
Landon's bio

Landon has a long history as a professional musician. After studying classical bass and composition at FSU, he moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and began a 40-year career as a successful jazz bassist. He became intimately familiar with the music, performing with many local musicians, and had the opportunity to play with some of the world’s foremost players, including Lionel Hampton and Marilyn McPartland. A musical pioneer in public radio in Jacksonville, he was well known on both fronts. Landon played bass (and tuba) in ensembles large and small, from big bands to opera. Since his brother Scott introduced him to Irish music, he has taken up the accordion and the banjo and has composed quite a number of tunes that are Irish in nature, with a twist that reveals his very rich musical past. He and his wife Linda Minke are founding members of Celtic Ring, a performing group in northeast Florida.

Jennie Brunner

Asheville, NC

Fiddle, Suzuki violin
Jennie's bio

Scott’s daughter, Jennie Walker Brunner brightens up any room with her infectious dancing style as she plays her fiddle tunes, including some very fine ones of her own. Jennie is versed in classical playing, first as a Suzuki child, and with quite a number of fine teachers during her college years. She learned Irish fiddling from her Dad, and introduced to American Old Time from her friend, Caroline Pond in Boone, N.C. Her inspiration to write and perform her own fiddle tunes was the impetus for the birth of The Walker Family Band. After gaining a Degree in Music Education at Texas State University, and shortly after moving to Asheville, she served as the concertmaster of Western North Carolina’s own Blue Ridge Orchestra. She is very comfortable in this genre. Presently she is raising a family, teaching orchestra at the local Waldorf School, playing with The Walker Family Band, and has formed a student group of fiddlers who perform in the Asheville area.

Linda Minke

Neptune Beach, FL

Cello, Violin and Ukulele

Linda's bio

Cellist Linda Minke just can’t get enough of this fun music making! A classical cellist by trade, she presently enjoys playing with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra near her home and in the summers for over 30 years in Door County, Wisconsin with the Peninsula Music Festival orchestra. Linda is the cellist for “The Bold City Contemporary Ensemble” based in Jacksonville, Florida. Lucky for us, she added fiddle to her life about a decade ago, and is now a multi-instrumentalist, adding the celtic harp to her list! Every February, in Neptune Beach, Linda hosts a wonderful WFB style workshop called the “Florida Fiddle Fest”, and is a magnet for young, budding musicians. Linda displays a joyous spirit while playing, which highly benefits the Walker Family Band performances!

Scott Manring

Greensboro, NC

Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin

Scott's bio

Quiet by nature and content outside the spotlight, Scott cannot quite disguise the fact that he is nothing less than a musical force. He attracts other musicians like a magnet, from the Triad communities to well beyond. Scott elevates any band to an exponentially higher level. He was well known in his youth as a rock and roll guitar player, left that genre, traveled through a few others, and is now versed as a jazz guitarist. He is also an expert old time banjo player, plays lap steel, and slide guitar, and more. We are always surprised by the creativity and care Scott puts into his playing, and always look forward to his take on our tunes. It is never the same twice! For the last several years he has worked closely with Laurelyn Dossett, a grammy nominated composer from Stokes County, NC. Scott is fluent in so many styles and on so many instruments it is hard to think of a musical circle that would fall outside his comfort zone.

Aisha Ivey

Tallahassee, FL

Fiddle, Guitar, Singing
Aisha's bio

Aisha Ivey earned her doctorate in music education from Florida State university. A champion fiddler, Aisha has won the southeastern United States Scottish fiddle Championship for ten years in a row, and she has also won awards and ribbons for her Irish, Old-Time and Scandinavian fiddling. She even won the award for ‘Best march’ at the 2010 National Scottish Fiddle Competition in Williamsburg, Virginia. Several of Aisha’s fiddle students have won awards at state, regional and national fiddle contests as well.

Aisha has studied with some of the world’s best fiddlers including Mark O’Connor, Eileen Ivers, Bonnie Rideout, Laura Risk, Brian Conway, and James Kelly Elke Baker and many others. She has taught privately and with music schools in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee and she also teaches workshops and clinics around the region. She currently directs AZIZA! (a Middle Easter music and dance group) and she started and teaches the Old Time Ensemble class at Florida State University. She has recorded several CD’s of traditional fiddle music with different musicians and she performs regularly at area festivals and concert venues. She served as the president of the Florida State Fiddlers Association from 2011-2015. “Aisha currently performs with the Celtic band, Cuttin’ Bracken, and an all-female Scandinavian string trio called Västra.


Christen Blanton

Greensboro, NC

Fiddle, Banjo, Singing
Christen's bio
Christen Blanton (fiddle/banjo/guitar/vocals/songwriter) performs regularly with old-time string band The Zinc Kings, folk duo Blanton & Glasgow, and with various folk musicians and songwriters in the North Carolina Piedmont. A prize-winning fiddler and ballad singer, Christen and her groups have received top prizes at fiddlers conventions across North Carolina, including the prestigious Mount Airy Fiddlers Convention. The Zinc Kings have been featured performers at state, regional, national, and international events, including the North Carolina Folk Festival, the Eastern Music Festival, the Charlie Poole Music Festival, and the Folk Alliance International Conference. Christen is the director of the Old-Time Ensemble at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the co-founder of Piedmont Instrument Classes for Kids (PICK). She is an in-demand educator and researcher and has presented workshops and clinics on teaching and learning old-time music at national and international conferences including the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) National Conference, the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention (NAFCo), and the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) International Conference.

Andrew Finn Magill

Asheville, NC

Flutes & Whistle, Bodhran

Andrew's bio

For twenty years violinist/fiddler and Ropeadope Records recording artist Andrew Finn Magill Music has been pursuing parallel careers in traditional Irish music, Brazilian choro, jazz and American fiddle. He has performed with everyone from Grammy-nominees Trio Brasileiro to Rising Appalachia. In 2009 he received a Fulbright Fellowship (co-sponsored by MTV) and in 2019 received a North Carolina Arts Council grant for jazz composition. He has been featured multiple times on NPR, appeared in Avianca in-flight entertainment and has over a million Spotify streams.

His six albums constitute thousands of hours dedicated to each genre and the basis of Finn’s original music which is founded on the principle of collaboration. Over the last ten years he has performed with John Doyle, Rising Appalachia, Charm City Junction, Open the Door for Three, Greg Ruby, The Paul McKenna Band, and Peter Mawanga in venues that include Milwaukee Irish Fest, Celtic Connections, Olympia Hall in Paris, France, Disney World, and Malawi’s Lake of Stars Festival.

In 2005 he debuted with Drive & Lift, an Irish fiddle album that has been featured on NPR and multiple official Spotify playlists. In 2009 Finn was awarded a Fulbright-MTVU Fellowship to spend a year in Malawi co-writing and co-producing a concept album about HIV/AIDS with Malawi pop icon Peter Mawanga. The result Stories of AIDS: Mau a Malawi is a soundscape of traditional Irish and Malawian sounds re-imagined as Afro-pop with a riveting message of social justice. It was the inspiration for a multimedia show of the same name Finn wrote and co-directed with Jon Haas and Joseph Megel and debuted at the University of North Carolina’s Memorial Hall in October 2011.

In 2016, Finn released the two-part concept album Roots and Branches which spans from traditional Irish music to new acoustic jazz. Roots debuted at #46 on the Folk DJ charts and writes Grammy-winning Americana artist Tim O’Brien:

“He has learned from and now plays with the best in the genre. On Branches you can hear a new musical voice emerging. I’m gonna keep listening for Finn Magill.”

In 2014 Finn moved to Rio de Janeiro to study Brazilian choro music. He has been an ambassador of Brazilian violin ever since and has founded many Brazilian music groups including O Finno, Violino no Choro, Brazilian Strings Trio (with fellow American violinist Ted Falcon and Brazilian guitarist Nando Duarte) and Canta, Violino! the album of which was released on Ropeadope Records in 2018. Says Brazilian percussion legend Airto Moreira of Chick Corea and Miles Davis:

“Its nice to see fresh, young musicians carrying on the traditions of Brazilian music. Finn Magill displays a love and authenticity that can fool you into thinking he is from Brazil. His style is playful and light, yet soulful and passionate. Congratulations!”

Finn currently tours under his own name as a solo artist as well as with Dave Curley, Alan Murray, Brazilian group Canta, Violino!, and as a periodic sidemen with dozens of other artists in various genres.

Meghan Parrish

Greensboro, NC

Fiddle, Singing, Admin Assistant
Meghan's bio

Meghan graduated from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS). Afterward, she attended the Child & Family Studies graduate program at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, where she had the unique opportunity to conduct field research in Ethiopia. Meghan returned to the Greensboro, NC area where she is employed as a Research Associate on an exciting new study in the department of HDFS at her Alma Mater, UNCG.

Along with her mother Teresja Poole and stepdad Scott Walker, Meghan has been a member of the Walker Family Band Camp since its inception in 2002 — when she was about 15 years old – and has remained a member of the faculty since 2008. Meghan began teaching individual and small group violin lessons in 2007. Meghan is certified to work with individuals with developmental disabilities (the IDD population). She recently added an enthusiastic adult student within her local IDD population to her group of beginning students. 

Meghan is also conversationally “fluent” in American Sign Language (ASL), and enjoys spending time with her friends in the D/deaf and hard of hearing community (D/deaf/HH), and meeting new people at Deaf events in and around the Greensboro area.​ ​In her free time, Meghan also enjoys spending time with family and friends, singing, reading, volunteering, being outside, and traveling whenever possible.

Kim Burroughs

Greensboro, NC

Pottery, Photography, Creative Arts

Kim's bio

Kim is an accomplished educator and coach with over twenty years of experience. He earned his BA from Pembroke State University and followed with an M.F.A. from UNCG. He has an extensive background in ceramics, photography and sculpture techniques as well as in teaching drawing, painting and printmaking. Kim’s significant experience with technology includes use of Adobe Photoshop Elements, print shop and more. He is presently teaching art and ceramices and is the head women’s soccer coach at the Greensboro Day School.

He is very active as a studio artist, producing and selling his pottery and photography at exhibits and workshops throughout the Southeast. He recently traveled to Wales and England for internships with several internationally known potters and is continually working to improve himself as an artist. In his tenure as soccer coach at the Greensboro Day School, he has had 3 nationally ranked teams and a overall record of 278 wins – 36 losses – 17 ties.

He usually begins the week helping the students to create pottery, and then, while those pieces are being fired, he gives students opportunities with photography, paper making, rubbings and more. His classes are very popular, for good reason. The huge amount and very high quality of art that our campers produce during the week is a testament to the work of this amazing teacher and artist, and to the creative campers that return to Blowing Rock, year after year!  We are honored to have such a fine teacher and artist return to The Walker Family Band Camp for his 6th year!

Ruth Pershing

Chapel Hill, NC

Contra Dancing, Flat Footing, Historical Dancing

Ruth's bio

Ruth came to camp in 2014 to call our first ever camp wide contra dance. Before we were done, everyone at camp was begging for more! The entire WFB faculty and staff were thrilled when Ruth agreed to return in 2015 and she has returned every summer since. She is an experienced and delightful teacher of folk dance including clogging, flatfoot and contra. She is in demand as a caller in dance circles across the eastern seaboard and dances with the Cane Creek cloggers at venues far and wide. Ruth is gifted in her ability to take large group of inexperienced yet enthusiastic campers and have them dancing like veterans after the first few carefully selected dances. Fun, laughter, and a feeling of community prevail from youngster, to teen, to parents and grandparents in classes and on dance night!

In addition to directing all those dancing feet, Ruth shares the same energy that makes her dances so inclusive and fun with our teenage group at the Calvin Lodge! As the chaperon of this lively group, Ruth not only endears herself to the students, but also plans and coaches some amazing group performances. Ruth’s enthusiasm and energy evidently has no boundaries! Up early in the morning, Ruth insures the teens at Calvin Lodge are up and out for breakfast; she teaches dance classes during the day and leads a contra dance every afternoon after classes, and still organizes and strategizes with 20 or 30 kids of all ages as the referee for an afternoon game of Capture the Flag!

Yvonne Ritchie

Charlotte, NC

Origami, Children’s Classes, Admin Assist

Yvonne's bio

For 8 years I have been a camp mom of 2 children. During these years, I have grown from a toe tapping spectator to an assistant for my sister and camp administrator, Teresja Poole. Then I initiated the first contra dance class, making way for Ruth Pershing. More recently, I transitioned to teaching origami classes. When I’m not at camp, I am employed as a licensed clinical social worker providing counseling to adults. I have a passion for contra dancing, attending cultural events, walking my dog, snow skiing, and relaxing with a good book.

Become or receive a sponsorship

We Are Non-Profit!


The WFB Summer Fiddle Camp is one of 4 annual Special Programs sponsored by the Blowing Rock Conference Center. As such, each participating family is charged a small Program Fee as required by their governing body. However, this program fee eliminates BRCC’s requirement to charge hotel and sales tax on lodging and meals.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Because the Special Program status with BRCC allows The Walker Family Band to operate our Summer Fiddle Camp as a true non-profit event, this opens many more avenues of fundraising for YOU…families, individual students, and music studio groups… allowing students and groups to find sponsorships or accept donations toward your summer camp tuition and costs.

Here’s how: Simply ask your sponsor to send their contribution to Blowing Rock Conference Center, noting the student or studio group who is the recipient of the contribution. The full amount of each donation is applied to costs of summer camp for the named recipient…and the donor gets a letter from BRCC acknowledging their charitable tax deductible contribution. Donations can also be made to the Karina Gibbs Scholarship Fund…also sent to the Blowing Rock Conference Center. These contributions will go into a general scholarship fund to help pay some or all the costs for deserving students who might otherwise be unable to afford this unique music camp experience.

So, GET OUT THERE KIDS AND PROMOTE YOUR SUMMER MUSICAL ENRICHMENT! There’s lots of creative ways to help yourself and to encourage support within your community!