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This is a collection of tunes that I have written at different points since I began playing Irish music over 3 decades ago. The collection includes typical types of tunes, including reels, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes. There are a few tunes that don't fall exactly into those categories, including an old time tune, a "quasi" cajun tune, a slow tune that is "quasi" Scottish, and one air that was originally written for solo cello, and is more of a concert piece for cello and fiddle, in a folk style.

There are short descriptions of the tunes that tell a bit about my life, where I lived and traveled, and what I was doing. Most of the tunes were written at a specific place, some on trips, and some at home. Memories of the places and the people there are woven into the sound. I sincerely hope you enjoy this music!

Tune List:
PDFs (MP3s will  be available soon)
1- A Major Jig
2- a Minor Jig
3 - After the Skye Boat
4 - Ashebrook
5 - Blow your Pipes Clean
6 - Buckeye Waltz
7 - Cajun Occasion
8 - Pictures
9 - East of Easter
10 - Forest Grove Hornpipe
11 - Hula Halo
12 - Jan’s Song
13 - Milk in the Batter
14 - Rosemary’s Jig
15 - Shreveport Shutdown
16 - *Susquehanna River Waltz
17 - Steps
18 - Tourin’ the Burren
19 - Walking Through Kentucky Aire
20 - Three to Six

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All PDFs, A Major Jig, a Minor Jig, After the Skye Boat, Ashebrook, Blow your Pipes Clean, Buckeye Waltz, Cajun Occasion, East of Easter, Forest Grove Hornpipe, Hula Halo, Jan’s Song, Milk in the Batter, Rosemary’s Jig, Shreveport Shutdown, Susquehanna Rive Waltz, Steps, Tourin’ the Burren, Walking Through Kentucky Aire, Three to Six