Runabout for Solo and Piano


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For string orchestra and piano, solos for individual parts with piano optional.
The melody of Runabout is based on Twinkle and is designed to get the mid book one Suzuki level student to play those notes faster, all in unison. The slower part is called Take-a-Nap and offers richer harmonies. Violin 1 includes third position, and the 2nd Violin, 2nd Viola and 2nd Cello parts have the melody in unison, Violin 3 and Viola 1 are the same, and 1st Cello has some second position work. The 2nd and 3rd Violin, 1st and 2nd Viola and Cello are on the same page, for flexibility. In our play, the ‘runner’ slowed down during take a nap, and finally went to sleep. Following an alarm clock ring, he (/she/they) wakes up and start running again. (just an idea!)