Spring – Cello Quintet in D


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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is written for a solo violin and string orchestra, and is one of the most familiar pieces of classical music of all time. The 1st movement of Spring has the violin mimicking the birds singing in celebration of spring in a high register, with trills and bird calls. For some reason I felt like this music would sound good written for cellos. It is the same classic sound, just with bigger birds! Arranged for 4 cellos and a bass, or the bass line can be played by a cello. The 1st cello includes tenor clef and goes up to B above the A string harmonic and is a challenge for most advanced high school cellists. The second part goes up to the A string harmonic, but no tenor clef. The lower parts are in first position only, and cello three has some important moments!

This piece is fun to play, even if we sound like either ostriches or flamingos! Enjoy!